If you have new opportunities ahead, are facing change, or want to be sure your nonprofit is addressing real community needs and challenges in an effective way, it’s probably time to invest in strategy development.

Our strategic consultants will work with both your staff and board to create a financially-informed, operationally-centric strategic framework so your organization can be adaptive and prepared to meet your strategic goals.

Whether we engage with you for a one-time strategy retreat, facilitate a strategy refresh, or partner with your nonprofit for a full strategic planning process, our focus is not just on creating a guiding document, but also on providing a practical roadmap for how to build capacity and processes to carry out your mission and plan.    

When we conduct a strategic planning exercise for our clients, we typically employ the following components during the process of creating a comprehensive and  successful long term Strategic Plan:

  • Review of organizational history, successes, challenges and current status;
  • Identify need for strategic planning
  • Determine all stakeholders
  • Develop a plan for stakeholder input
  • Define entire planning process steps
  • Review/validate/create or revise mission, vision and value statements for organization
  • Conduct SWOT analysis [Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats]
  • Survey and Interview Board members and other stakeholders
  • Survey and interview funders
  • Survey and interview current and potential constituents
  • Research peer organizations
  • Create competitive scan
  • Set 3-year strategic goals
  • Create action steps to support 3-year strategic goals
  • Determine how to measure outcomes and overall performance
  • Create a draft of a 3-year strategic plan