In order to lead your nonprofit strategically and effectively, your board needs to have a clear understanding of its roles and responsibilities. More than that, though, your board needs to agree on how it wants to operate together, members need to feel engaged in the work, and when conflict arises, there need to be group norms for productively addressing it.

This is all easier said than done. If your board or nonprofit has new faces, is developing a strategic plan, needs help navigating through challenges, or is feeling caught in the weeds instead of on setting strategy, it’s probably a good time for board development. We engage with nonprofits as a mutual and trusted partner using a three-step approach: assessing where your board is currently at, coming to an agreement on where you need to be (and how you want to be together), and then establishing an action plan to move forward toward your mission, together.

We also can coach you on how to build your board with the right tools and processes, including the processes related to recruiting new board members.